We are committed to provide you with maximum cost effectiveness

As a project management service, we are committed to provide you with maximum cost effectiveness.
We will check title deeds for you, assist you in your search for land and real estate, handle negotiations for you and help you set up your new venture.
Our service will oversee all necessary steps in every process, everything from the initial concept to finally taking care of your property.
Objekti Guvo d.o.o. guarantees a high standard of quality and safety in the construction cost of your project. Our strength lies in our 8 years of experience and already having managed several projects for foreign investors with great success. We primarily manage the construction of luxurious villas and other buildings, and we have ensured a high standard of construction through our work experience in Germany. We always find the best solution for our clients’ every wish and always wait for the client’s approval to make it a reality.

Our services include

  • Obtaining all permits needed – location, construction and operations
  • Working with licensed surveyors
  • Presenting you visualizations in 3D to make sure we are meeting all of your needs
  • Obtaining all paper work/documentation needed (land, registry, cadaster, etc)
  • Elaboration of cost plans and time schedules
  • Obtaining and analyzing all price quotes from outside companies
  • Negotiating contracts with outside/independent contractors
  • Priprema ugovora i vođenje pregovora sa ponuđacima radova
  • Checking of invoices and construction accounting
  • Supervising all work being done to ensure project is done properly and accurately