Who takes care of your property while you are away?

The time you spend on your property in Croatia should be a vacation for you and should be spending your days resting and relaxing.
Objekti Guvo d.o.o. offers a tailored to your needs all-round service for your home so you can truly enjoy your time off while at the Adriatic Sea.Your wish is our command – we communicate quickly and effectively via phone or e-mail.


  • Sweeping and mopping of floors
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning of glass surfaces
  • Cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens
  • Ventilation of property
  • Sweeping paths and patios

Garden maintenance

  • Irrigation of green area
  • Raking and removal of leaves
  • Mowing
  • Lopping and weeding
  • Fertilizing plants
  • New plantings upon request

Pool maintenance

  • Monitoring of the swimming pool
  • Cleaning of the filter unit
  • Cleaning of pool water and surfaces
  • If desired, covering/uncovering of the pool
  • Administering/replenishing of pool chemicals as needed

Service around the house

  • Regular visits to the house
  • Function of appliances of the home will be tested
  • We will handle your paperwork for you while you are away (pay your bills, etc)
  • All projects that need to be completed on your property will be supervised
  • We will store your keys for you

Special services upon request

  • Purchase of various goods prior to arrival of home owner and/or guests
  • Shuttle service for guests without vehicles
  • Kitchen staff, room maids and room service can be arranged
  • Booking of excursions and tours
  • Gift delivery service for special occasions
  • Filling up your cars and/or boats with gasoline
  • Bookkeeping and company management services
  • Renting out your home